This is a very important question which keeps on bothering many who have just started the journey towards Six sigma.

It is an approach that can help you to lead towards zero defects.

Definition of Six Sigma: It is a highly disciplined management approach, to attain near-perfection.

It is not easy to get the processes at zero defects. Even if your process is as simple as making a cup of tea it’s not going to be easy that you get it to zero defects each and every time.

So Six Sigma as a methodology aims at near-perfection.

Near-perfection means, we are talking about 3.4 defects per million products or million opportunities.

It’s so small and so it’s nearly close to zero.

Let us see an example :

Let say that total number of flights taken by your company employees is 1 million. Think about it if any 3 or 4 flights actually crashes. Is it a good situation to be in. The answer for sure will be no. Hence, Six sigma at times is good and at times may not be applicable.

But overall for most businesses and processes, six sigma is a good measure to have. Six sigma is a methodology that focuses on how do we help out customers and shareholders get their values.

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